Class Schedules


  • Below is the schedule for the In-Class sessions. Within 6-8 weeks after the Student Passes The Classroom Part, The 6-Hours Driving Lessons Will be Scheduled With The Parents.
  • Please chose a session and indicate it on your registration form.
  • Classes are In Person and held at the school’s address.
  • Only one student in the vehicle during the driving sessions.
  • Any refund requests must be made with at least 2 weeks notice before the class starts. Changing the session can be requested anytime if there is an avialability in the new session.
  • Summer classes are also now Open (Jul-Aug 2024)
  • Please Note: For Students who have paid a down-payment and not paid in full – Any remaining balance can be paid on the first day of class

(Jun-2024) Summer Session 18: (Closed)
Jun 19th (10am-4pm)
Jun 20th (10am-4pm)
Jun 21st (10am-4pm)
Jun 22nd (10am-4pm)
Jun 23rd (10am-4pm)

(Jun-2024) Summer Session 19: (Closed)
Jun 26th (10am-4pm)
Jun 27th (10am-4pm)
Jun 28th (10am-4pm)
Jun 29th (10am-4pm)
Jun 30th (10am-4pm)

(Jul-2024) Summer Session 20: (Open)
Jul 01st (10am-4pm)
Jul 02nd (10am-4pm)
Jul 03rd (10am-4pm)

Jul 05th (10am-4pm)

Jul 06th (10am-4pm)

(Jul-2024) Summer Session 21: (Closed)
Jul 08th (10am-4pm)
Jul 09th (10am-4pm)
Jul 10th (10am-4pm)
Jul 11th (10am-4pm)
Jul 12th (10am-4pm)

(Jul-2024) Summer Session 22: (Open)
Jul 15th (10am-4pm)
Jul 16th (10am-4pm)
Jul 17th (10am-4pm)
Jul 18th (10am-4pm)
Jul 19th (10am-4pm)

(Jul-2024) Summer Session 23: (Open)
Jul 22nd (10am-4pm)
Jul 23rd (10am-4pm)
Jul 24th (10am-4pm)
Jul 25th (10am-4pm)
Jul 26th (10am-4pm)

(Aug-2024) Summer Session 24: (Open)
Aug 05th (10am-4pm)
Aug 06th (10am-4pm)
Aug 07th (10am-4pm)
Aug 08th (10am-4pm)
Aug 09th (10am-4pm)

(Aug-2024) Summer Session 25: (Open)
Aug 12th (10am-4pm)
Aug 13th (10am-4pm)
Aug 14th (10am-4pm)
Aug 15th (10am-4pm)
Aug 16th (10am-4pm)

(Aug-2024) Summer Session 26: (Open)
Aug 19th (10am-4pm)
Aug 20th (10am-4pm)
Aug 21st (10am-4pm)
Aug 22nd (10am-4pm)
Aug 23rd (10am-4pm)